Modernes Haus bauen - Marty Häuser AG - Projekt Architektenhaus #High Line
Project details
5.5 rooms
229 m2 living area (gross floor area)
1,254 m3 volume (SIA 116)
CHF 854,000 construction costs


Architect House Project #High Line

The shape and orientation of the plot had a strong influence on the conceptual planning of this house. In order to avoid restriction of the available surface on the ground floor, the garage is located in a basement next to the house, which is protected by a slight overhang. To take advantage of the lovely views of the lake to the north and the east, windows have been strategically placed on all sides. The intention was for the living space to feel spacious and so the volume in the upper levels is somewhat smaller, making the building seem light and multifaceted from outside. The house has full disabled access.