Sponsoring and promoting young talent: Our commitment has a long tradition

The Chinese saying ‘happiness is the only thing that doubles when it is shared’ puts it in a nutshell. Having a successful company commits us to social responsibility, not only by creating jobs and apprenticeships but also by supporting social projects and organizations selected for a range of personal reasons. We nurture our relationships with each project in order to see how our donations are used. However, in our owner-managed company, taking responsibility also means nurturing the next generation with a funded, in-house apprenticeship program.

Individual architecture is an art that requires balancing all the needs and requirements of a given structure in terms of shape and function. Good architecture has an impact on the way we live and our quality of life. It is tailored to people and the environment, and when properly implemented, generates joie de vivre. We love pioneering modern and style-defining architecture, which is why we’re supporting the Swiss pavilion at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia with a sponsorship of CHF 20,000. The Swiss cultural foundation Pro Helvetia is responsible for Swiss contributions to the Venice biennale.

Nachwuchsförderung FC Wil

Führe Deine Helden auf den Fussballplatz!

Bewirb Dich als Player Kid beim FC Wil.

Träumst Du auch davon, einmal als grosser Spieler ins Station zu laufen? Wir geben Dir die Möglichkeit, es jetzt schon zu tun, als Player Kid vom FC Wil. Wenn Du zwischen 6 und 12 Jahren alt bist – Junge oder Mädchen - und die Profis auf den Rasen begleiten möchtest, dann mach jetzt mit bei der Auslosung für die Player Kids der Saison. Wir drücken Dir die Daumen!

„Incidental Space“ – a project by Christian Kerez

Developed as basic research project, the piece ‘Incidental Space’ by Swiss architect and ETH professor Christian Kerez aims to investigate the possibilities of thinking about, building and experiencing architecture differently, with regard to both creativity and technology. At the beginning of this discourse, Christian Kerez makes the assertion that architecture can only be represented by the medium of architecture itself. In this spirit, Kerez is building a room as an architectural project for the exhibition in Bruno Giacometti’s Swiss pavilion. This room is an event taking place at a specific location, where it demonstrates its own legitimacy. It stands for its own claim or thesis without referencing another room or movement.

The task of the design is to provide food for thought that transforms the way we imagine and discuss modern architecture. Individual and style-defining architecture is a central pillar for MartyDesignHaus and its ambitious customers, which is why we want to contribute to the promotion of architectural experiments.