Modern and reliable network partners

We do not seek the cheapest contractors for every project. For MartyDesignHaus, it is long-term quality that counts and we achieve this with excellent, motivated, reliable and price-sensitive artisans. By working with such individuals, we can also ensure the quality of execution and optimize the costs with intelligent concepts rather than risky pricing pressure. And because our subcontractors are also interested in long-lasting business partnerships, you will always benefit from uncompromising quality at a very good price.

Modern Swiss quality for your new home

MartyDesignHaus is an authentic Swiss company and even our extensive network of modern business operations is Swiss. The belief in quality, the love of materials and workmanship connects us with the best manufacturers and our own subcontractors. We know with certainty and from experience that you will reap long-term benefits from our reliable Swiss quality and compliance with SIA regulations. Even the topic of sustainability and the care in handling different materials plays an important role for us when placing an order on your new home with a third party.

Holding jobs in high esteem

The final product will be perfect only if every link in the chain of production and service provision is qualitatively secure. Working together with our partners and suppliers, our top team makes about 50 family homes a reality every year, using solid construction or timber systems. This means that we not only secure jobs and apprenticeships, but also support the regional and national Swiss construction industry. At our annual Christmas celebration, we thank everybody individually for helping to keep Marty Häuser AG on the road to success.