Marty Häuser AG: Houses are our passion

As a modern Swiss full-service provider of the creation, planning and realization of energy-efficient houses using solid construction or timber systems, Marty Häuser AG can guarantee a flawless level of service for all manner of requests. More than 40 qualified co-workers in the areas of architecture, interior design, client consultation, construction planning and realization, landscaping, land procurement and demolition, as well as a first-class network of artisans will be at your service. And with more than 80 years of experience, we are a reliable guarantor of style, technical confidence and passion. Dieter M. Schenk, Owner

Your family home with fixed price guarantee

It is our desire to offer you only solutions that are perfectly thought through. We leave nothing to chance. Everything goes according to plan just as you imagine it – from the architecture through to the construction, right up to the after-sales service. You will benefit from the creativity and design strength of an architectural firm and the technical skills and reliability of a modern construction company. One aspect is particularly important: as the only Swiss full-service provider, we can guarantee a fixed price before the first brick is laid. Benedikt Metzger, CEO

MartyDesignHaus or Freshhaus®

Marty Häuser AG provides you with a range of options for the construction of your new family home. Depending on your financial situation, two attractive paths are open to you:

MartyDesignHaus With architecture that is as unique as you and with ultra-modern construction methods, the experts at MartyDesignHaus can create and implement your new, individual home.

freshhaus ® Fresh, playful and affordable concept houses are the specialty of our freshhaus team. Thanks to a range of individual modules, freshhaus is not comparable with traditional prefab houses.

Creativity and reliability belong together

With real enthusiasm, we will make even the seemingly impossible possible. From the architecture and construction technology that is thoroughly convincing through to the concept, design, interior design and materialization, right up to the perfect and punctual construction of family homes. Countless clients from all over Switzerland have been relying on our company for more than 80 years. Our aspiration toward quality and sustainability has taught us to always stay persistent, creative and reliable.

Innovative and agile since 1933

1933 – We build our first family home
The first MartyHaus, built using a timber system, was executed for the fixed price of CHF 21,000.

1957 – We move from Thurgau to St. Gallen
Our healthy expansion made the change of location necessary. Move from St. Pelagiberg to St. Gallen.

1972 – We say adieu to sole trading and become a family-run company, an AG.
Transformation of the sole trader Marty to the family-run business Marty Häuser AG.

2003 – The family-run company becomes an owner-managed full-service provider.
With CEO Dieter M. Schenk, the future of the family-run company is secured.

2009 – Our high quality builds now become available even for smaller budgets.
Marty Häuser AG launches freshhaus®. The brand for creative and affordable family homes with individual modules. The martyhäuser® brand now stands exclusively for individual homes with a fixed price guarantee.

2014 – Benedikt Metzger assumes sole management.
Dieter M. Schenk, owner and board member of Marty Häuser AG, transfers sole management of the business operation to Benedikt Metzger.

2015 – MartyDesignHaus is born
The success and rising demand for individual family homes is the basis for launching the MartyDesignHaus brand. Marty Häuser AG now owns two clearly positioned brands for smaller and more generous budgets.