Deconstruction and new construction are usually ideal for old buildings

Speaking with experience and planning with precision, we believe that a new build is often a much better solution than a conversion. In most cases, there are many benefits to this decision. Why? Because DesignHaus architecture is a creative process that takes all aspects into consideration – from individualization to the functions of the various rooms, right up to ecological considerations. Using this holistic approach, a perfectly created and planned new build is almost always a better solution than a cost-intensive conversion. This is particularly true when the old building has aged and the structure is too small and fragmented.

New and individual while saving money

Following our recommendation to demolish and rebuild, you can have your living space created to suit your needs exactly. You will benefit from an optimal use of living space and significantly favorable energy usage. Demolition followed by a new build is usually noticeably better value than a costly and complicated conversion. Our experienced professionals know exactly what to look out for. Have a consultation with us, without obligation. Even some of the reference homes displayed on this website were built using the demolition and new-build procedure. Call us at any time and we will be happy to inform you about the different roads that can lead to your dream home.