Building a house at a fixed price with MartyDesignhaus

Full creative freedom and full control of costs with full service. As a modern, full-service provider of designer houses, we rely on crystal clear, well-defined procedures, more than 80 years of experience and a well-practiced team of creatives, client advisers, construction experts and control specialists. With us, you are in the best of hands. You define your own aims and wishes – and we’ll do the rest. You can rely on our one-stop competence and our flawless first-class service from the first sales conversation we have right up to our aftercare once your personal dream home has been completed. This is how we build our houses today, with a guarantee of a fixed price and an unburdened mind.

The costs are always under control

Every MartyDesignHaus is unique, made individually for you. You will benefit from the creativity of our team of architects and can rely on our fixed price guarantee even in the most individual of designs. With MartyDesignHaus, you will find everything you need in one place. As we are the only Swiss full-service provider, you will benefit from having a fixed price guarantee even before the first brick is laid, from the planning up to the construction of your individual, family home. Even during the comprehensive sampling stages of your DesignHaus, you will always have a full overview. The route of separate architectural firm and construction specialists is usually not only more complicated but also significantly more expensive, as the following example demonstrates.

Construction costs
Construction costs (SIA)