Building land for your property

We have excellent connections throughout Switzerland and keep our eyes open 365 days of the year, looking for attractive plots of land to offer you. The situation on the ground is determined exactly by us, according to all the relevant conditions for a MartyDesignHaus. Only when we are convinced that it is an ideal ‘spot in the sun’ for an individual family home will we snap it up in order to be able to surprise you with it. The best way to find the plot of land for your dream home is a conversation with us. Maybe it’s your lucky day and your ideal plot of land is waiting for you right now.


In der Gemeinde Uhwiesen ZH realisieren wir zwei 5.5 Zimmer-Einfamilienhäuser.

Das moderne Raumprogramm der 5.5 Zimmer grossen Einfamilienhäuser verteilt sich auf zwei Wohngeschosse und zwei Geschosse unter dem Terrain. Das Garagengeschoss bietet eine grosszügige Doppelgarage sowie genügend Platz für Fahrräder und Gartengeräte. Auf dem sieben Meter tiefen Vorplatz haben zwei weitere Autos ausreichend Platz. Von der Garage führt eine gerade Treppe direkt in das Kellergeschoss mit Technikraum. Ein Geschoss höher, im Hauptwohnbereich, spielt sich das tägliche Leben ab. 

Haben wir Sie neugierig gemacht und möchten Sie mehr zum Bauland und möglichen Projekt erfahren?

Unser Verkaufsberater Herr Reiner Graf steht Ihnen für sämtliche Fragen unter 052 740 14 20 gerne zur Verfügung. 

Strassenperspektive Uhwiesen ZH

Sunny plot of land in Niederuzwil

Niederuzwil is the biggest village in the municipality of Uzwil, with a population of about 5,500. A municipality that is becoming more attractive by the day as its regional value is rising. A good location between St. Gallen, Wil and Zurich appeals to a large catchment area of the population. You can be in Zurich in only 45 minutes by car and it takes just 15 minutes to reach St. Gallen. This historic center is one of the municipality’s conservation areas. Niederuzwil is small but lovely. It has its own post office and a range of shopping amenities for all your everyday needs. Let us inspire you with our plan for the location, including a visualization and a short description. We are happy to advise you and send detailed documentation.

Other plots

Other plots

Treat yourself to a plot of land that is utterly perfect for your personal aims. With us, you will find attractive projects for family and semi-detached homes throughout Switzerland. And should you not find what you’re looking for with MartyDesignHaus, we recommend taking a look at the freshhaus® - our energetic younger housing brand. There, you will find further options for land and new-build projects.

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