Fully committed to your construction project in all project phases

Despite all our creativity and passion for the beautiful and the unique, we know all too well how important reliability, precision, cost security and respect for deadlines are during the construction of your dream home. More than 40 MartyDesignHaus professionals ensure complete first-class technical competence. We are exceptionally organized, which keeps the weight off your shoulders. With transparent procedures, tried and tested structures and a perfect full service approach, we implement your wishes and aims step by step. That is the modern way of building a MartyDesignHaus, with perfect care and attention.

1. Preliminary stage

Here we set the parameters for drawing up an exact plan of your MartyDesignHaus. A detailed questionnaire will lay the foundations of your dream home. Your requests, requirements, wishes and price expectations will determine the vision for your custom-made MartyDesignHaus. Even before our first conversation, our team of architects will take an intensive look at your guidelines in order to be able to develop your Designhaus with you. We assess the plot of land, make recordings of the terrain if possible and study the relevant building regulations.

2. Preparing the planning application

The preliminary stage will provide you with initial plans, including the projected costing for your MartyDesignHaus as a reliable decision-making tool. Now comes the second stage: together with you, we will use the initial design of your dream home to put together a planning application. Any new insights that you have at this point, as well as any changes you wish to be made, can be incorporated. Your personal architect will use your wishes and expectations to create a fascinating, broad vision of the finished product. The responsible authorities will ideally be included in this process, smoothing the path for subsequent building application approval.

3. Your work contract

We will hold a small but elegant celebration to set the seal on the signing of your comprehensive work contract for your MartyDesignHaus. You will also sign the completed planning application at the same time. Everything else can be left up to us as part of the full service. At this occasion you will also have the chance to get to know your personal interior designer. They will explain the entire procedure of all the sampling phases to you and will have preliminary suggestions of how the interior spaces might be designed, which will be developed in close cooperation with your architect.

4. Sampling / interior design

The next stage will follow based on your wishes, your vision and the preceding phases. The diverse sampling process of an individual MartyDesignHaus. This takes about three days and is prepared in detail by us. Your personal interior designer will support you throughout the process of design of your interiors. You will see and experience a range of possibilities and options. All the artisans and manufacturers directly involved will dedicate themselves thoroughly in order to arrange a perfect sampling for you. Throughout this process, you will have a complete overview of the costs.

5. Planning the construction and purchasing materials

After the sampling has concluded, the only thing that remains is the precise preparation of the final construction details. Everything regarding the detailed planning of your individual MartyDesignHaus is now complete. In assigning the contracts for the various work processes, we work with highly professional partners that we have had for many years and which represent every trade. We do not – as is usual in construction – simply give the contract for each project to the cheapest bidder. We insist on a guaranteed understanding of top quality, on years of collaboration and on exclusively Swiss companies.

6. Construction

One of our in-house, experienced construction managers is responsible for ensuring the seamless construction of your new MartyDesignHaus. They understand the high expectations of our clients and take the utmost care to ensure flawless quality right down to the details. They will regularly check the construction site personally and thoroughly. They will ensure that all the prerequisites regarding construction and deadlines are strictly adhered to. If desired, they can even give you a precise moving-in date once the roof has been installed.

7. DesignHaus Service

You can rely on the first-class service of MartyDesignHaus from A to Z. From the moment when everything starts to the point after you have moved into your new home, we are there for you at any time. We are your safe and reliable partner in the event works must be carried out as part of your guarantee. We will organize and coordinate all necessary works, so that you can focus fully on enjoying your new MartyDesignHaus and the living spaces that have been created individually for you.