Third architecture for your house - that's what we do for you, too

Are you searching for a building contractor that is an experienced and modern full-service provider with true professionals, a top network of artisans, first-class credit rating and convincing testimonials? Then you are in the right place with us. Has your architect planned a fantastic project, but does not have sufficient capacity for precise and punctual implementation? Our top team of experienced construction technicians, interior designers, site managers and planners can take on your project with first-class technical knowledge and convincing testimonials. After checking everything thoroughly, we can make your individual new build project a reality with our guaranteed fixed price. With us, you can count on quality and a team of experienced and reliable construction professionals from the fields of architecture, interior design and construction site management.

Enjoy the advantages and calm nerves

Working together with MartyDesignHaus is as pleasant as it is reassuring. You define your wishes and we put them into practice with professionalism and respect for deadlines. Among other benefits, you will get an exact calculation of the total costs for your future family home that takes into account construction costs, landscaping costs, development costs and any ancillary costs. And you can be sure that we will finish your dream home on time. The time it takes to build a house using solid construction is eight to 12 months, and five to eight months for a timber system.

Supportive architectural services at a glance

1. Preparation of an approval-ready proposal for your individual Designhaus with full fixed price guarantee.
2. Management of the entire approval process.
3. Preparation and execution of sampling, accompanied by our in-house, experienced interior designer.
4. Building and construction planning and submission within a network of highly qualified providers.
5. Competent and personal site management through our long-standing, experienced site managers.