Building a house made easy - with MartyDesignHaus

It is our aim to surprise and astonish you in every respect. As a result of our aspirations toward the best and the unexpected, we escape the culture of boredom. Tradition and innovation meet under our roof, allowing us to put exciting projects in motion for you. Your wishes and requirements are therefore unfailingly at the heart of our work. With exceptional devotion, we reach the unusual and as modern full-service providers with real enthusiasm for your project, we can also make the seemingly impossible possible. This is how we build now: you can rely on that.

Individual architecture for your new home

Your wishes and requirements are the yardstick for every part of the process. Our creative and experienced architects can create new living spaces for you that mirror your personality. A dream house just for you and your loved ones that has everything your heart could want.

Cost security thanks to the fixed price guarantee

With us, there are not any unpleasant surprises, not even financial ones. You will have been made aware of all the costs before the first brick is laid. That’s something you can wholeheartedly rely on, thanks to our fixed price guarantee.

Interior materialization and design

Rooms for being. Meeting your every demand. Our interior designers will accompany you through every step of the sampling process. They ensure that everything is properly coordinated and that the budget stays on track.

Efficient and sustainable energy usage

It is not only the question of quality but also the question of sustainability that is close to our hearts. We are devotees of an energy-efficient approach to construction according to MINERGIE® standards, and we take care not to use harmful materials.

Modern Swiss quality for your home

MartyDesignHaus is an authentic Swiss company with an extensive network of modern, domestic commercial operations. You will benefit from reliable Swiss quality and a construction that is supported by SIA (the Swiss Architects and Engineers Association).

Reliable partnerships as quality guarantee

We do not try to find the cheapest contractors for every project just to minimize overheads. For MartyDesignHaus, it is long-term quality that counts and we achieve this with passionate, reliable and price-sensitive artisans.

From house viewing to move-in date

The best inspiration comes from personal experience. Our house viewings will persuade you in person of our high-quality planning and execution. And should you be ready to start the process, we can even guarantee a move-in date on request.

Total responsibility and secure credit rating

Marty Häuser AG has been building homes for more than 80 years, using solid construction and timber systems. Our company is owner-managed and financially autonomous. Both our work record and our credit rating are excellent.