Custom-built apartment buildings: modern yet timeless

The era when apartment buildings were thought of simply as residential blocks are long gone. MartyDesignHaus not only builds detached homes as individual as their owners, but also apartment buildings for modern living concepts. An apartment building created and built by MartyDesignHaus is more than just a utilitarian property. It combines living quality and residential spaces with style, creating an even more customised, profitable investment property by building new housing at transparent prices.

Your individual apartment building with a fixed-price guarantee

Do you have ideas and a price range in mind? Want to build from scratch or transform your current detached house into apartments? Are there certain things that are particularly important to you, such as the building envelope, interior design, seating areas, garden, garage or roof utilisation? Energy balance? Kitchen? Bathroom? Leisure room? Basement? Our architects and construction planners take all that and more into consideration from the very beginning. We also understand the importance of style and location. Do you a prefer a traditional or modern design? Will your apartment building be situated on a slope or on a hill? Should it be optimised for seniors or disabled persons? How comfortable and luxurious should the interior be? Our experts visualise your wishes and refine them with a one-of-a-kind character. Thanks to our fixed-price guarantee, you can stay on the safe side even before construction begins.