Awards and prizes

Real luxury is the ability to create incomparable things. In our case, creating unique family homes for discerning clients. Our custom-made DesignHauses are true one-offs. They are created through the close cooperation between the professionals of MartyDesignHaus and the new homeowners. It often happens that as a result of this process, a MartyDesignHaus creates ripples of excitement among the general public. One such example is this HOUSE OF THE YEAR 2014, selected by the readers of the family home magazine ‘Das Einfamilienhaus’.

Perfection of form in Hedingen

This unique home rises smoothly and gracefully out of its environs. The hillside location was incorporated and exploited with a deft hand. The elegant design emphasizes the contrast of horizontal lines and gives this MartyDesignHaus its confident grandeur. Despite its powerful elegance, this peerless creation does not intrude; instead, the family house radiates a soothing peacefulness.

A house that matches your life

“Reliability is the kind of coolness that MartyDesignHaus has mastered. Our new family home is a one-of-a-kind design that perfectly suits us and our lifestyle.” The incorporation of every wish and requirement of these happy home-owners has made this DesignHaus something quite special. And the readers of ‘Das Einfamilienhaus’ probably picked up on this feeling as well.


Zuverlässigkeit ist die Art von Lässigkeit, die MartyDesignHaus perfekt beherrscht. Unsere unzähligen Referenzen an einzigartigen Einfamilienhäusern verdeutlichen am besten, wie verschieden die Menschen sind und wie perfekt sich unsere Architektenhäuser deren individuellen Lebensstilen anpassen.


Unser Engagement für gute Architektur kam auch dem Schweizer Pavillon an der Biennale Architettura 2016 in Venedig zugute. Wir unterstützten das spannende und äusserst inspirierende Projekt der Schweizer Kulturstiftung Pro Helvetia mit einem grosszügigen Geldbetrag. Mehr dazu.