Design culture with fixed price guarantee

A MartyDesignHaus is as individual as you are. Your aims are placed at the center of our architecture and a fixed price is guaranteed. More than 40 MartyDesignHaus professionals ensure complete competence and world-class service. They have more than 80 years of experience in the construction of individual family homes – even in difficult locations, such as on a slope, or in protected zones, village areas, etc. and in cases of challenging regulations of local building authorities. We guarantee custom architecture with ultra-modern design and a guaranteed fixed price before the first brick is laid.

More individuality - lower costs

The SIA norms (recommendations from the Association of Swiss Architects and Engineers) allow a 10% of deviation in price between the construction phase and the final invoice. With MartyDesignHaus, there is no such deviation thanks to our secure fixed-price guarantee. From the preliminary design to the construction phase, the SIA norms go even further, permitting a 15% deviation in construction costs. With MartyDesignHaus, we guarantee a maximum of 5% deviation between the preliminary design and construction phase. Our fixed price guarantee is valid for 12 months after signing the work contract.

Construction costs
Construction costs (SIA)
No experimentation at your cost

No experimentation at your cost

The SIA norms allows costs to overrun to a double-digit percentage. That means that you are subsidizing a loose planning approach, delays and other inconsistencies at high additional costs. With MartyDesignHaus, this will not happen. You can fully and completely rely on the guaranteed fixed price of your individual family home. We keep a tight grip on the project and the costs. MartyDesignHaus is a Swiss full-service provider that offers you a full fixed price guarantee for the creation, planning and construction of your dream home.

Jedes Architektenhaus ist ein Unikat nach Mass

Das Lebensmuster von Ihnen und Ihren Lieben ist das Mass aller Dinge für Ihr individuelles Einfamilienhaus aus der Feder von MartyDesignHaus. Unsere erfahrenen Architekten und Innenarchitekten kreieren mit Ihnen zusammen das Architektenhaus Ihrer Träume.

Architekten und Innenarchitekten nur für Ihre Wünsche

Ein Designhaus ist immer so individuell wie Sie. Die kreativen Prozesse erfolgen in enger Zusammenarbeit mit unseren Entwurfsarchitekten, unseren Innenarchitekten und Ihnen. Inspirierende Entwürfe und sinnliche Bemusterungen lassen Ihr Traumhaus in kreativen Schritten Wirklichkeit werden.

Additional costs after the price of the house

In addition to the price of the DesignHaus itself, other costs must be calculated, such as those for the land, the development and the ancillary building costs. There can be a great deal of variation here, especially when it comes to the price of land. Here is an example: this will give you a clear picture of the total costs for a family house project.

Example of the total costs for a family house project: CHF 1,900,000

Of which the house price is: CHF 850,000 (incl. 8% VAT) = 45% of the total costs of CHF 1,900,000
Of which the price of the land (600 m2) is: CHF 840,000 (1,400 per m2) = 44% of the total costs of CHF 1,900,000 Of which the price of the landscaping and development works is: CHF 140,000 = 7% of the total costs of CHF 1,900,000
Of which the ancillary building costs (primarily fees levied by the municipality) are: CHF 70,000 = 4% of the total costs of CHF 1,900,000