Find inspiration at a house viewing

Personal experience remains the best form of inspiration. Seeing and experiencing what other ambitious individualists have achieved will give your personal vision a boost, and give you security and trust in us. Our house viewings will show you what it’s like to build with MartyDesignHaus. Our experts will be on site to answer any questions about your personal dream home. They will be more than happy to take the time to discuss your vision with you, using the live example for inspiration. Here you will find all the latest dates.

The quality is in the detail

A real, unique DesignHaus reflects its builder-owner in all aspects. Shapes, colors, materials, energy efficiency and usefulness are precisely shaped to conform to your individual wishes and needs. At a house viewing, you can really see that it is not only the architecture itself that makes the difference but the many thousands of details. A MartyDesignHaus is as individual as its owner. Take a closer look.

Reference homes and projects

New and different MartyDesignHauses pop up in Switzerland all year round. You can experience some of these unique showhomes at one of our house viewings. However, you also have the opportunity of downloading our latest DesignHaus projects and designs, including plans and layouts, to let yourself be inspired in the peace and comfort of your own home. If you are also interested in buying land, we recommend that you sign up to our newsletter.

Building land offers and architect houses via newsletter

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