The apartment building as a communal living space

On your own or all together? When you live in an apartment building for friends or family with individual architecture and a fixed-price guarantee, you can have an elegant combination of both. While you may be building a community, you can still add a distinctive touch to your personal living space. By planning together and implementing a communal construction project, you can save money and optimise processes in an array of areas.  

Communal living with individual needs

Sometimes, two or three families that are friends with one another come to us to build the apartment complex of their dreams. Barring any restrictions in terms of construction law, we are able to meet nearly all demands, so that each party has their own individual living spaces and freedom. Two, three or four cohabiting families are the most frequent. Our architects and interior designers ensure that the owners can be proud of their new home.

The perfect architecture for sociable living

A communal house requires undisturbed private areas so that everything not just looks good, but also has an inner sense of harmony. When you build together with the experienced professionals at MartyDesignHaus, you can rely on the fact that the living quality will be perfect. This includes the infrastructure of the exterior and interior areas, as well as aspects such as protection against earthquakes, noise insulation, disabled access, energy balance, sophisticated infrastructure, parking spaces and more.