individuelles Einfamilienhaus  - Marty Häuser AG - Simbiosis
Project details
4.5 rooms
213 m2 living area (gross floor area)
1,981 m3 volume (SIA 116)
CHF 1,031,000 construction costs


Architect House Project #Simbiosis

Architect: Larissa Sutter, Bachelor of Arts

Integrating a new build into an old-town neighbourhood was a major challenge. The building's angles reflect various elements of its surroundings, helping it blend perfectly into its environment. Instead of a traditional gable roof, a creative and modern solution was developed that ensures seamless integration of the terrace. The curve of the road was integral to the development of the entire floor plan. All secondary rooms face the road, while the living rooms open to the garden. The upper floor is characterised by a central loggia which is in harmony with the south-west facing terrace.