Einfamilienhaus bauen - EFH / MFH Festpreis - individuelles Projekt Architektenhaus #SEASHELL P
Project details
6.5 rooms
290 m2 living area (gross floor area)
1'900 m3 volume (SIA 116)
CHF 1,603,000 construction costs


Architect House Project #SEASHELL P

This attractive detached family house, derives its name from the intricacy of the different aspects of the design: despite its clear and forceful appearance, there is something gentle about the way the house plays with the reflected sunlight, like the shimmering effect of mother-of-pearl. Fascinating spatial relationships, including the integration of the exterior space, assume different forms in the entrance area, the private ground floor and the living areas under the roof. Light, views and privacy are regulated perfectly through the large windows with perforated blinds that create sensuous lighting moods.