Einfamilienhaus bauen - EFH / MFH Festpreis - individuelles Projekt Architektenhaus #RE-STACK
Project details
6.5 rooms
278 m2 living area (gross floor area)
1,505 m3 volume (SIA 116)
CHF 1,220,000 construction costs inl. Pool


Architect House Project #RE-STACK

This charming, neighbourly plot is in a quiet area, despite being well-connected. Along the western border of the property, a narrow gravel path leads to the lot behind the house, while the side along the road is lined with bricks for an attractive appearance. Residents can enjoy many hours of sunlight thanks to the property’s location on a southern hill by Lake Zurich.

The RE-STACK concept is based on exploiting the maximum possible construction measurements and focusing on offering the greatest feasible ground floor area. This spaciousness is further underscored by high ceilings and expansive windows on the ground floor.