Modernes Einfamilienhaus- Marty Häuser - Projekt Architektenhaus #Flash Gordon
Project details
6.5 rooms
315 m² living area (gross floor area)
1,830 m³ volume (SIA 116)
starting from CHF 1,277,000 construction costs


Architect House Project #Flash Gordon

Our imposing family home, in a privileged location and with an unobstructed view of the upland moors, is given a sense of dynamism and strength by its pitched walls. One architectural element unites the levels and the different parts of the building like a ribbon. ‘Open walls’ reinforce the spaciousness and make strategically positioned vistas possible. The rectilinear and elegant back of the house faces the street and promises a thrilling spatial structure, although it is possible to see from a window positioned between levels that no clear division of floors exists. The entrance hall, which connects the levels, surprises with its exaggerated height and the thrilling play of light. Here, you can enjoy an overview of the house: half a level higher you can find the private rooms and, looking down, you will see the kitchen and the greenery beyond. The flood-lit living space is staggered into three sections with different moods and focuses. The large window facade allows the interior space to flow smoothly together with the outside space. A partially covered sitting area is protected even in strong sunshine or rain. To the east, the outside space – defined by open beams – leaves plenty of room for utility or creation.

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