Einfamilienhaus bauen - EFH / MFH Festpreis - individuelles Projekt Architektenhaus #abroRiva
Project details
9.5 rooms
633 m2 living area (gross floor area)
2,955 m3 volume (SIA 116)
starting from CHF 2,907,000 construction costs


Architect House Project #abroRiva

This villa with its indoor pool and wellness area stands majestically on an idyllic north-facing slope on Lake Constance and is surrounded by apple orchards. Stone elements grow out of the house like tree roots and anchor it firmly to the ground. The lighting of the rooms on the north-facing slope is a key concern and is staged by means of an internal courtyard, clever nesting and indirect lighting, thus ensuring that the magnificent and shifting lake moods can be enjoyed from the house.



Projektpläne und Details können herunter geladen werden.