Intergenerational living: an apartment building with a future

What is taken for granted in other cultures is now gaining significance in Switzerland: living with other generations in the same apartment building. This has many benefits and is not only appealing from a community perspective, but is also an attractive investment property that guarantees truly individual yet familiar living.

Live together as a family in an intergenerational house

Cross-generational living has a lot of advantages. Families where both parents are working or a single parent is raising a child, or in which certain members have health issues, like an able-bodied grandfather and a grandmother in need of care – all live in the same intergenerational apartment building, yet in individual units that correspond to personal tastes. Everything has been tailored to residents’ specific needs – whether it’s a semi-detached house for two families, or an apartment building for three, four or more parties.

Architecture, design, planning, construction, financing and construction costs under control

Cross-generational housing presents an exciting opportunity for both private individuals and investors. In order to ensure that your housing project with multiple residential units exactly meets all your demands, you need a partner with expertise. It goes without saying that legal and construction specifications are complied with in addition to all your desires.

Special conditions apply for apartment buildings

Apartment buildings can only be built in certain construction zones, where the number of possible storeys is specified by local construction law. Limit distances, usage figures in relation to the plot and much more also need to be considered. Housing projects with multiple residential units have complex individual requirements such as noise insulation and fire protection, energy balance, interior design, and more.