The apartment building as a home and capital investment for retired senior residents

The construction of customised apartment buildings for personal use, with the possibility of renting out other living units, is becoming increasingly popular among the baby boomer generation (born between 1950 and 1965). This comes as no surprise, since well-constructed buildings in the right location are both convenient and profitable investments.

Individual living, while securing the future with rental income

In order to ensure a high quality of life and high gross returns – a good ratio between rental income and the purchasing price – you need a safe and reliable construction partner. With over 80 years of experience in constructing customised residential projects, we know exactly what to be aware of to transform your investment property into a profitable apartment building with personal living spaces. Get in touch with us.

The apartment building: a secure investment for retirement

Retirement needs to be synonymous with secure assets. Everything needs to be right: location, architecture, interior design, construction quality, construction costs, financing model, rental income, and so on. It’s sometimes a good option to implement projects together with other investors to relieve financial strain and optimise returns. An apartment building is a very attractive form of retirement and a secure asset in Swiss francs.