Individuelles Einfamilienhaus oder Mehrfamilienhaus bauen - Ein Marty Designhaus zum Festpreis - Round Box Uster

Round Box

Purist tour de force in Uster

At the heart of an urban residential area, this MartyDesignHaus stands out as something wonderfully different. As individual as its owners. The great Le Corbusier would have been pleased with this unfussy icon of design. Its elegant curves transform the compact angularity of this fundamentally straightforward rectangle into a timeless object of classic modernism.

Interiors are dominated by natural colors, shapes and materials that imbue the linear and functionally organized floor plan with a welcoming ambiance. The cooking, dining and living areas overflow into one another, giving the space an open and hospitable feel. Upstairs, a purist poise and first-class comfort dominate. The Round Box of Uster is already a classic.