Individuelles Einfamilienhaus oder Mehrfamilienhaus bauen - Ein Marty Designhaus zum Festpreis - White Stettfurt


This delightful home sits on a sunny south-facing slope with views over the heart of the village of Ersingen. Not only the region but this MartyDesignHaus itself are true recreation spots. The individualized living spaces are filled with sunlight all day long. Even in the early morning, the first rays steal through the kitchen windows, bringing energy into the home.

The way in which rooms and levels are put together was determined by the requests of our clients and the hillside location. The centrally located staircase plays a special role in this. As an elegant link between the levels, it serves as an architectural accent both in design and function, and manages to create a direct relationship between the entrance and living space. This MartyDesignHaus gets its Mediterranean character from the seemingly continuous window facade, the varying hipped roofs and the flowing transition between interior and exterior spaces. The unobstructed view can be enjoyed from every room. A truly regal spot in the sun.