Individuelles Einfamilienhaus oder Mehrfamilienhaus bauen - Ein Marty Designhaus zum Festpreis


Three-part structure on the horizon

This house in three parts is situated among the expansive fields of Riniken, offering observers something new upon the first, second and third glance. Everything begins with perfect integration into the environment. The house exudes a sense of tranquillity. The cleanly structured design has a commanding presence from every angle, yet a calmness as if it stood in the middle of nowhere. This especially peaceful atmosphere can also be felt in the rooms. Everything has its place, giving inhabitants enough room to live.

Construction law loves standards, but demanding owners like the families that decide on a MartyDesignHaus want the opposite: individuality, character and custom-made living spaces that feature everything that makes your life that little bit better. This MartyDesignHaus radiates the desire for personal values. The three-part structure, with orderly lines and countless functional advantages, represents pure quality of life. This is what modern living looks like when you choose the extraordinary.