Individuelles Einfamilienhaus oder Mehrfamilienhaus bauen - Ein Marty Designhaus zum Festpreis - Sonnendeck


A design icon for Oberwil

A focus on people. Everything in this house is designed to unite style and comfort. This one-of-a-kind masterpiece stands out on this beautiful property like a confident residential sculpture. Playful yet refined on the exterior, and with warm materials and flowing room structures on the interior, it is sure to bring joy to a young, nature-conscious family. A wonderful, modern MartyDesignHaus perfectly designed for hosting friends and enjoying good company in an inspiring environment.

Welcome home. Warm and organic from every perspective, it has a powerful design language that connects the rooms with each other. The expansive entrance area leads magnificently into the upper floor and the inviting, open plan of the living and dining area. The monumental height of the ceilings creates a sense of spaciousness that gently filters through the large windows onto the casual terrace. Everything seamlessly fits together: architecture, design, materials and structures. This house exudes a natural impression of harmony.