Individuelles Einfamilienhaus oder Mehrfamilienhaus bauen - Ein Marty Designhaus zum Festpreis - CONTRASTES


The hills above, the vineyards below. The MartyDesignHaus Contrastes features a compelling and unique aesthetic with an outstanding view of the broader cultivated landscape. The contrasting levels unite in a single coherent and harmonious structure.

The cleverly situated entrance area is integrated into the basement and offers practical access to the garage and side rooms, leaving plenty of room for a spacious distribution of bedrooms and living areas on the ground floor. Breathtaking views of rolling hills and lush meadows can be seen from the living room. The dining room features a covered sitting area with access to the outdoors, allowing inhabitants to celebrate good food, pleasure and life in the open.

Situated high above the landscape, the house feels close to the sky and the attic floor offers magnificent views. Parents can enjoy a well-earned private refuge here. With bedrooms, a bathroom and spacious roof terrace, they have more than enough room and can truly relax and leave their cares behind.

The design of the interior of Contrastes is distinguished by clean lines, strong design and a commanding sense of spaciousness. Thanks to an open floor plan, there is plenty of room for living here. The geometric structures provide a compelling contrast to the sweeping views of the green scenery, always revealing something new. The mesmerizing three-level concept even extends to the inside, corresponding to a soothing sense of clarity, freedom and vision.