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Apartment buildings are currently a trend in construction. This is not only because they are a safer and more cost-effective investment than classical capital markets, yielding better returns, but also due to the fact that construction land in Switzerland is becoming more limited, meaning apartment buildings present a great option for creating more living space. Even modern living concepts such as intergenerational housing are gaining significance.

Semi-detached house, intergenerational house, communal apartment complex, terraced house, etc.

There is an array of possibilities when it comes to constructing apartment buildings. Is the building is meant to house a retirement home, be a profitable capital investment, unite several generations under a single roof, or act as a communal housing complex for like-minded individuals? We design customised apartment buildings.

MartyDesignHaus: for apartment buildings with class

We create and build individual projects with a fixed price guarantee. All processes, from planning and financing to architecture through to the perfect implementation, are much more complex than for detached houses. We know what to do and what it takes.

Leben geniessen – Lifestyle bestimmen – Zuhause wohlfühlen.
Dass ist Leidenschaft, dass ist MartyDesignHaus.

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