Generational living: An apartment house concept with a future

Whether you opt for a retirement home, a profitable and secure investment property, a cross-generational housing project or an individual DesignHaus for communal living: MartyDesignHaus will build your individual apartment building with a fixed-price guarantee. We have your construction costs under control from the beginning and can transform your wishes and desires into a profitable investment that is as beautiful and secure as it is sustainable. The fact that resources for construction plots are becoming more limited has triggered a trend in building apartment houses. Partners capable of providing the most impressive architecture, technical expertise and quality will benefit the most from this shift. Thanks to more than 80 years of experience, we know exactly what we’re talking about.

A secure partner from planning to the completed apartment building

When you build a design apartment building from scratch or want to transform an existing detached house into apartments, you need professional expertise. The complex process of incorporating construction specifications and the requirements of the plot through to individual architecture and the implementation of your wishes, perfect planning and execution of individual steps, including a secure financing plan, requires specialist knowledge. Many people are interested in learning whether it is more profitable to renovate an existing apartment building according to their own ideas or to build from scratch. Our construction advisers and architects assist you from the first step to the completed apartment building and beyond. By partnering with us, you have your apartment building under control from the very beginning.

A secure and profitable investment

The list of requirements for overall planning would be too long to outline in detail here. An entire chapter could be devoted to the topics of construction zones and plot sizes alone. We offer a comprehensive full-service portfolio, allowing you to lie back and relax rather than grapple with the specifics of construction law, energy balance, fire protection, noise insulation, protection against earthquakes and financing. This includes a fixed-price guarantee, even for the construction of apartment buildings. We have been offering this reassuring safety measure against unwelcome surprises for decades – long before it became a marketing tool in the construction industry. The variety is endless. Get in touch with us directly so that we can provide you with an overview of the possibilities for various custom-built apartment buildings. You will receive a corresponding sample quote of costs and returns upon request. Regardless of which apartment building you want – multiple-family DesignHaus, intergenerational DesignHaus, retirement DesignHaus or communal DesignHaus.